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Paul Simpson
16 June 2020 | Paul Simpson

In pursuit of excellence: continuing the Bordeaux Blend expression in the vineyard

In what will be a continuation of the 'Bordeaux Blend' expression the estate is known for, we are in the midst of some exciting changes in the vineyard.

The Malbec vines planted 5 years ago, on quite gravelly soil, have always produced small yields of great fruit characteristics. As each year passes, slightly more of this wonderful variety is available; the yet to be released 2017 and 2018 Jenny Cabernet vintages contain 4% and 8% Malbec respectively.

We continue to broaden the varieties available for use in the Jenny Cabernet, with two further initiatives underway.

In spring we will plant an additional one hectare of Cabernet, being 40% #337 clone and 60% Houghton clone. The #337 clone is one of the highest rated Cabernet varieties planted in Bordeaux; its relatively small grapes bring colour intensity and higher levels of fine tannins. The Houghton clone makes up the balance of Simpson estate’s existing 22 year old vines, and is the clone used in all of Margaret River’s iconic Cabernets. The soil for these plantings is currently being prepared, and the new rootlings will be planted in September. Fruit from these vines will first appear in the 2024 vintage. The row and vine spacings will be reduced to be more reflective of Bordeaux practices, and new trellises will be installed in July.

Additionally, Petit Verdot has been grafted onto three rows of what was formerly Merlot vines. In what will be a continuation of the ‘Bordeaux Blend’ expression the estate is known for, we expect the Petit Verdot to be contributing to the 2023 vintage and thereafter.




Time Posted: 16/06/2020 at 4:48 PM