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Simpson Estate

Our Wines

Simpson Estate’s winemaker is the former Australian Winemaker of the Year,  Clive Otto, from Fraser Gallop Estate. Our viticulturists are Jim Campbell-Clause and Colin Bell, the 2018 ASVO Viticulturist of the Year. 

We currently specialise in producing a ‘Bordeaux-blend’ Cabernet, typically 70-90% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10-25% Merlot and, in some vintages, the balance being a small quantity of Malbec.

From 2018, Simpson Estate has sourced premium Chardonnay fruit from an award-winning estate south of Margaret River. All fruit is hand-picked and hand-sorted. The Cabernets are aged for at least 18 months, and the Chardonnays for at least 9 months, in premium French oak, typically 35-40% of which are new barrels.

Complementing the deployment of some of Australia's leading viticulturists and winemakers, Simpson Estate wines are the product of a philosophy and methodology embracing various critical components:

 Attention to detail during every step of the viticultural process
Continual soil and petiole analysis in order to maintain soil balance
Adoption of organic viticultural principles as much as possible
Minimisation of intervention
Meticulous fruit selection
Use of only the finest French oak
In-barrel ageing tailored to the particular vintage.

Simpson Estate wines are crafted to be cellared. Although the wines are more than approachable within a year of the release date, the most pleasure will be derived from our wines through patience and anticipation.